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What We Do

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What We Do

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Sharing knowledge, collaboration, research and collective innovation in order to achieve profound clinical benefits for the patients in the communities we serve.

Clinical Excellence

Clinical excellence is a philosophy of care underpinned by a framework that healthcare organizations can follow for holding themselves accountable for continually improving the quality of the care and services provided to the patients they serve.

Ideally, this will lead to an environment in which excellence in clinical care is a constant goal and organizations will pursue an unrelenting drive to that level of excellence and accountability. AllSpire supports that framework through knowledge transfer within the member organizations.


The AllSpire Sepsis Initiative is a data-driven team approach to improve sepsis treatment for patient populations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The initiative is under the guidance of the AllSpire Health Partners clinical leadership representing each of the Member Systems. Bimonthly forums provide clinical teams the ability to share Best Practices with fellow Members, which infuse workflows with fresh ideas and inspire creative solutions that improve overall patient care.

Maternal Health

The birth of a child is one of the most impactful events for the family members of that child. The bond between a newborn and its mother is immediate and strong. When complications arise during or immediately after the birth of a child, the mother-child bond fails to form, and this may have negative consequences for the growth and development of the child. AHRQ, in a September 2018 brief #243, reports that rising rates of severe maternal morbidity may be attributed to changes in the overall health of women, leading to increased complications including maternal mortality. The problem of severe maternal morbidity has seen increasing rates over the past decade. As importantly, there are disproportionately more complications and deaths seen in non-Hispanic Black women. The AllSpire Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Workgroup is focused on meaningful, actionable, and lasting improvements in maternal severe morbidity and mortality. Focus will also be on understanding the possible disparities in outcomes noted in the literature. Through the power of collaboration and knowledge transfer between the member organizations, key maternal complications will be targeted for improvements. Best practices will be shared with a focus on improvements in rates of complications and mortality.

Electronic Health Record

AllSpire Health Partners selected Epic as a common electronic health platform with each health system establishing an independent instance. This investment represents the single largest joint capital commitment by the AllSpire Health Partners.

In addition to its core value as a comprehensive clinical documentation tool, the variation reduction and data integration potential across systems provides a vital platform to conduct clinical excellence initiatives and measure outcomes in a common format.

Advanced Care Planning

AllSpire established the Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Initiative that used a team approach to educate hospital staff, community members and patients about end-of-life care planning across the AllSpire membership.

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Economic Sustainability

A key aspect of AllSpire is to build an economically sustainable enterprise that positions each member system to thrive in a chronically dynamic environment and continuously enhance the quality, efficiency and scope of care we deliver.

Strategic / Operational Priorities:


The object of this activity is to ensure the greatest value in terms of highest quality goods and services at the lowest cost.

In October of 2016, AllSpire launched its own regional group purchasing organization, AllSpire Health GPO, LLC (AH GPO). The goal of the AH GPO is to constantly drive toward minimized waste and hyper-efficient supply chain with price discounting and rebate driven cost savings. AH GPO provides a central structure and support team to assist each member’s supply chain leadership in contracting with vendors. The support team includes Collaborative Project Managers in various product and service categories that interface with Value Analysis Teams of the same category across the member health systems.

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Pharmacy Benefit Management

AllSpire’s initial effort towards reducing drug costs was to aggregate four of the member health systems employee benefit management under one PBM vendor contract.

The common contract was implemented for the 2018 PBM contract year and drove a 21% decrease in employee drug cost, saving the health systems $27 million per year. The aggregated PBM contract was just a first step in the journey to reduce the cost of drugs. The AllSpire member health systems believe that further evaluation of formulary options and service models is necessary to determine if drug costs can be further reduced.